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How to Select a Diamond

What makes one diamond worth more than another? How do you get quality and value? Katarina's diamond education pages will help answer all your questions. Learn about the four C's (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight), how those characteristics affect appearance and price, and which characteristics are most important.

Understanding the essential characteristics of diamonds will allow you to shop for diamond jewelry with confidence. We want to take the mystery out of diamond shopping—while acknowledging the air of mystery that will always surround this most fascinating and highly prized precious stone. And if you need more information, simply email us at sales@katarina.com or call our customer care department at 888-528-2746 and we will happily answer your questions!
Shape means the form of the diamond as viewed from above. (Shape is different from cut, which is discussed below.) Choosing a shape is largely a matter of personal style and preference, although shape can affect the appearance of a diamond, emphasizing its clarity or making it appear larger, for example.
Cut refers to the number and placement of the angles, or facets, applied to a diamond. Cut is one of the most important characteristics to understand, because it has the most influence on a diamond's "sparkle."
When it comes to the color of diamonds, less is more.The most valuable and rare diamonds are colorless. (They may also be referred to as "white.") The more visible color in a diamond, the lower color grade it receives. Color is rated differently in "fancy color diamonds"—blue, pink, or yellow diamonds whose color is intentional and part of the diamonds' appeal.
Most diamonds carry small natural imperfections—the fewer the imperfections, the higher clarity grade a diamond receives. It's important to understand how these minute flaws affect a diamond's appearance. Most are not visible to the unaided eye, so they have little effect on a diamond's beauty.
Carat Weight
The carat is a measure of weight. The number of carats tells you the overall size of a diamond, but keep in mind that the shape and cut of a diamond can affect how large the stone appears to the viewer.
Certified diamonds come with a report from an independent diamond grading laboratory, stating the stone's color, clarity, carat weight and other characteristics.
Answers to frequently asked questions about diamonds.
Learn how to protect your diamond jewelry and keep it sparkling.

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