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Throughout history, colorful precious and semiprecious gemstones have been used to influence kings and adorn princesses. Various cultures have attributed healing and restorative powers to gemstones and some believe they have the ability to calm the seas or the human mind and spirit. Katarina is your one-stop shop for diamond and gemstone jewelry, including gemstone diamond stud earrings, bracelets, necklace pendants, rings, earring jackets and jewelry sets for women, as well as gemstone jewelry for men.

Gemstone jewelry is perfect as a fashion accessory or as a gift for any occasion, and our catalog has something unique and fitting for anyone. From the strong deep blue of a sapphire ring to the delicate blue of an aquamarine necklace; through the bewitching, fiery red of a ruby necklace to the captivating russet red of a garnet pendant; from the awe and sense of history in a shimmering emerald green pendant to the earthy richness of a well-placed green peridot… the variety and unique qualities of our gemstone jewelry collections are designed for you and fit for royalty.

Browse our gemstone jewelry to find the perfect white gold gemstone earrings, bracelets, necklace pendants, earring jackets or rings, whether you are shopping for a gift or your own collection. At Katarina, we are committed to providing premium quality jewelry and educating our customers about jewelry. Learn more about gemstones, diamonds and precious metals in the Education section our website. All our diamond and gemstone jewelry is brand-new and your purchase is guaranteed with a 30-day return policy.