Diamond Jewelry Care

Learn how to protect your diamond jewelry and keep it sparkling.

  We hope you wear and enjoy your diamond jewelry every day. During the course of ordinary wear, a diamond comes in contact with the wearer's natural skin oils, along with dust, dirt, makeup, perfume, and a hundred other substances. Over time, the build-up from these materials dulls a diamond's luster and brilliance.
Luckily, cleaning a diamond and its setting is quick and easy. Katarina offers Platinum Jewelry Cleaner, Gold Jewelry Cleaner, and Silver Jewelry Cleaner, each for $15. These solutions are specially formulated for cleaning your jewelry.
Katarina recommends that you have your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected once every six months, or if it is hit against a hard surface or undergoes some other form of trauma. Your jeweler will inspect your item to make sure the stones are intact and that the setting is still holding the stones securely, to help prevent the loss of your diamonds in the event your item has been inadvertently damaged.
  We've all heard that the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond, and that is correct. However, while diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, they are not indestructible. They can chip and break, so we suggest that you avoid wearing your diamond jewelry during activities in which it could receive a hard blow, such as home improvement, vigorous exercise, etc. But be careful, as the chance of losing your ring may increase when you remove it frequently.  
  Store your jewelry in soft cloth pouches or keep items separated in a jewelry box so that your diamonds do not accidentally damage your other jewelry. Because of their hardness, diamonds can scratch other diamonds, gemstones and metals, and can be particularly injurious to pearls.  
  Katarina strongly recommends that you insure your diamond jewelry against loss, theft and damage. Your homeowner's or renter's insurance may require a rider (special policy addition) to cover your diamond jewelry.