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It may seem obvious but one of the things that keeps companies from executing their missions effectively and efficiently is the lack of a unifying philosophy or mantra that gets everyone aligned quickly. Whether it’s a jewelry design or a piece of software, a clear theme can cut straight through the noise and solve problems that may arise between two, strong points of view. Companies that have done a great job at this are Google with their “Don’t Be Evil” mantra or Amazon.com with their obsession for creating “Customer Ecstasy” and you see that, perhaps it’s not causal but their clarifying statements allow them to build and execute with certainty.

That is why we have thought long and hard about what we want to deliver to our customers and what matters most to us. Think about the Apple iPhone or Amazon.com’s Kindle Fire for a second and you will understand what it is that we are shooting for when we say “Simple Elegance”. Whether it’s in the almost Scandinavian design of the product itself or in the incredible, intuitive response of the software when you “swipe” across the screen or sync your email with these devices … it is always simple and elegant.

So, “Simple Elegance” is our chosen mantra … The easy part is done. The implementation of simplicity AND elegance is far more difficult and take continual refinement and cost throughout our enterprise. To make the Kindle Fire swipe function appear easy takes incredibly complex code and engineering. The same is true when you design a piece of jewelry. It is often more difficult to execute an elegantly simple design that has quality and value components that exceed our, and our customer’s, expectations.


For example, or Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – it took us months of planning, selection and analysis to deliver something this subtle and elegant though we know the effort was surely worth it! That said, our company is not just about designing simple and elegant jewelry and watches … we also strive, daily, to achieve that level of excellence across our supply chain which is why we ship everything for free via 2nd Day Air, why we use world-class software platforms and technologies like Amazon’s WebStore and Fulfillment  services.

Whether it’s “Work hard, fly right”, “Don’t be evil” or our own “Simple elegance” a clear, concise mantra will keep our entire team aligned in their mission so that our customers are, indeed, ecstatic. And we will always do our best to improve in every area because we are never satisfied until you open that gift box and immediately declare yourself a Katarina.com fan:)


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