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Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

If there is anything that we are experts in it’s colored diamond jewelry that is classic and simply elegant. These are not fancy colored diamonds but natural white diamonds that have been treated through irradiation. It’s a completely safe and permanent way to get natural diamonds in many different shades of color that are a tiny fraction of the cost of fancy colored stones. For example, check out our collection of Blue Diamond Jewelry at Katarina.com and don’t miss the Green Diamond Collection while you are there! These gorgeous pieces add a twist to the classic white diamond but have all of the properties that we know and adore in our beloved diamonds.

Black Diamond Earrings

Where blue and green diamond jewelry is fun and fresh and trendy, Black Diamond Jewelry is elegant, mysterious and daring. No matter what the color and piece of jewelry you choose they will go with just about anything in your wardrobe adding a dash of daring and ensuring lots of admiration from your friends. And if you, men, are wondering what to get her for Christmas take some time to peruse the collections above … you can’t go wrong esp. as we ship free 2nd day expedited and have very generous returns policies if not absolutely thrilled! We are here to delight and help spread joy. -Katarina Team

Green Diamond Pendant


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