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Here at Katarina.com, we believe in creating traditions;and today, we are happy to announce our weekly Friday Fun Blog series. Through this series, we would like to present you some of our fun designs- suitable for your weekend fashionista taste.

Before siting down to write this article, I was thinking about some of the leaders in this space; and not so surprisingly, I have come across a few of the most sought after fashion fun jewelry websites. So, for the sake of our readers, I would like to first share with you some of these interesting websites. 

1) Stella & Dot : 

   This is the first site, which shows up when we search for Fun fashion Jewelry and one of the interesting things about this company is, their name itself. - with a Dot in its name, I was curious to explore deeper. Please click here to find out the Fun Jewelry Collection from Stella & Dot. I hope you will also find this site a helpful place to find your fun with jewelry.

2) Baublebar:

When I came across the Baublebar website, again I was impressed with their name and I am truly amazed to see the variety of jewels inside their trinket box. In my humble opinion, it is truly a place worth exploring to find your jewelry fun. I liked their Funky ear cuff necklace, funky rings and other funky jewelry. Hope you will find your funky self with the help of the fun and fashion jewelry from Baublebar.

The remaining results while searching for Fun jewelry are not so interesting. So I guess, it is time for me to present some of the fun jewelry from Katarina's own collection.

So lets dive in....

** Katarina Fun Jewelry **

1)  Apple Diamond Necklace:

Katarina.com - Friday Fun Jewelry | Happy Jewelry | Funky Jewelry


2) Duck Diamond Necklace:

Katarina.com - Fun Jewelry | Duck Diamond Pendant | Funky Jewelry | Happy Jewelry


3) Dragonfly Collection:

Katarina.com - Fun Jewelry | Dragonfly Diamond Earrings | Funky Jewelry | Happy Jewelry


4) Butterfly Collection:

Katarina.com - Fun Jewelry | Butterfly Collection | Funky Jewelry | Fancy  Happy Jewelry


5) Charm Pendants:

Katarina.com - Fun Jewelry | Charm Pendant Collection | Funky Jewelry | Fancy  Happy Jewelry


Hope you liked the Fun Fashion Designs from Katarina...




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