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At Katarina, we believe in constant connection with our readers and consumers.  People search on Google and Bing search engines for the term "Katarina" with various intentions; if you are a gamer, you would probably know about a game called Katarina - League of Legends. So while searching for the term Katarina, more than likely, you intend to find a link related to this game. 

A few years ago, when people search for the term Katarina, they were always greeted by the links from our Jewelry Website- Katarina.com . But since the introduction of this new game , we at Katarina.com found our fortunes are being taken away by this game- as Google started pushing Katarina.com related links down to the bottom.

But recently, I happened to read the background of the character Katarina from this game - League of legends; and I have to admit that I am impressed with her determination, which has inspired me to fight for what we believe in- just like the character Katarina from the League of Legends game- "No matter the cost".

So, with this new found determination, we are again pushing hard to recapture our jewelry consumers, with a series of informative blogs to educate our visitors and communicate with our consumers. In our humble mission, we request the help of all gamers to support Katarina.com by visiting our website, sharing our website with your fellow gamers and by making jewelry purchase as a gift to yourself as well as your loved ones. 

Before I close my blog, I would like to present you with a few cool jewelry items, which can be of interest to all of you - especially the millennials, who find Katarina -League of legends game lovers.

 1) Fleur-De-Lis - Pendant:

Just like the blade from Katarina game-This pendant can be considered as a symbol of power.

Katarina.com- Fleur-De-Lis Pendant- League of legends- Blog


2) Lucky in Love Pendant:

 Katarina.com- Lucky In Love - League of Legends


3) Sweet 16 Pendant:

Katarina.com- Seet 16 - League of Legends- Blog


4) Double Heart- Infinity Love Pendant:

Katarina.com- Double Heart - Infinity Love Pendant - League of Legends



5) Angel Pendant : 

Katarina.com - Angel Diamond Pendant - League of Legends


Hope you liked the simple designs from Katarina.com. Remember to share this blog and Katarina.com with your fellow gamers as well as with your family and other friends...






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