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Some History: ( Or rather HerStory- as this is her story)

More than a decade ago, when Katarina Jewelry was incorporated, we had done extensive research and finally decided on the name Katarina and the original website was hosted under the name Katarina Jewelry.com.  In those days, our primary channel for sales was through Amazon.com market place. And almost 9 years ago, we got our Katarina.com domain and seriously pursued our goal to conquer the online jewelry world. But then came the great recession; and we, along most of the our competitors who are dealing in the luxury jewelry market, got hit really bad with the financial washout. But luckily and by the grace of God, we were able to survive the worst and was able to establish our-self as a reliable and trust worthy jeweler in the online world.

During these early days, one of the real legends, who stood ahead of our search Engine ranking was Katarina Witt who was a 4 time world champion and Olympics medal winner German figure skater. Due to her unmatched success and the associated stardom, we could only envy her online search result status.  

In addition to her Figure skating success, she had also produced and acted in a movie series called Divas on Ice.

Personally I have always admired her supreme talent and enjoyed her performance. 

For those who are curious, here's one more link about her Biography

Another search result which always came ahead of ours is a fictional character with the name Katarina from the British  Science Fiction TV series called Doctor Who

Believe it or not- in those days, every other link on the first two pages on search engine results used to get stuffed with Katarina.com related links. Either it is a direct link from Katarina.com or one of the Katarina product listings link from Amazon.com marketplace. Other than those two sets, it was always by the coupons and deals links related Katarina.com posted by one of our affiliates.

Then Steve Jobs came up with his game changing smart phone called iPhone and a multitude of other smart phones in various Android flavors. As a result of these smart phones, world was presented with our Katarina League of Legends- Mobile game.

Before I finish my blog, I request you all to visit our website and look for the Featured selection of the day from Katarina.com.

Diamond Solitaire Rings - From Katarina

Hope you enjoyed reading about the Other Legends with the name Katarina.






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